Expobar Diamant 2 Groups

Descriere Espresso vending machine with 2 groups of electronic switches in order to control the coffee doses from the volume perspective; water supply - automated copper boiler with a capacity of 115 liters heat exchanger for each group and cleaning valve. Three valves with steam, one equipped with a temperature sensor and the other two for hot water. The maximum temperature can be set by using the control PID technology. Display: automated dosing of hot water, setting time, memorizing the number of coffees prepared daily, automated switch to ON / OFF and control of the boiler temperature by means of the display. 2 years guarantee. Device size (Lxhxl): 880 x 595 x 620 Automated water supply. The following can be prepared: Espresso specialties, tea, hot chocolate.


The espresso machine can be acquired in a bailment system. For more information please access the espresso machine and restaurant section.